eRED – Node Red Extended for IoT Edge

Internet of Things offers a promise to improve operational efficiencies and businesses are beginning to take advantage of this promise. Many companies, both small and large, on the other hand are developing a number of solutions to fulfill the IoT promise but almost all solution providers are focused on one of two areas- connectivity or analytics.

While connectivity and analytics are a good first step in the right direction, early adopters of these solutions are recognizing that they are missing a critical component at the edge. They are beginning to realize that with legacy devices and drivers at the edge, no matter how powerful or capable the cloud gets, without the agility and flexibility of the cloud, edge is becoming a limiting factor.

Sayantek’s eRED solution is an extension of Node Red that offers a programmable platform for the edge to match the flexibility and agility of a cloud platform. Sayantek’s solution provides unparalleled data management, compute and analytics abilities at the edge. With patent-pending distributed flow management techniques customers can setup data processing pipelines that span cloud and edge. The platform automatically handles the complexities of authentication, authorization and security under the hood very elegantly thus freeing precious time and resources to focus on improving your business outcome

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eRED Deployment