Product Brief

IoT edge poses unique challenges such as:
• Legacy, multi-vendor and multi-site presence of assets
• Mix of proprietary & standard interfaces
• Multiple connectivity options (Ethernet, Serial, LoRA, Zigbee, NB-IoT/LTE-m, Bluetooth, etc)
• Increased threat surface when connecting sites or cloud
• Variations in existing IT/OT infrastructure from customer to customer

While most solutions offer edge capability limited to cloud connectivity and data transport eRED is an agile programmable edge platform built with comprehensive security, cloud and M2M connectors to accelerate IoT implementation. eRED consists of eRED Edge that is deployed on customer premises (such a factory floor) that offers unparalleled agility and computing capabilities and eRED Controller that can be hosted in the cloud or on-prem to manage all edge instances from a central place.

eRED Overview

eRED Benefits

Features Description Benefits
Flow Based Programming Drag and drop pre-built components. and wire them together to build logic. Accelerates IoT solution implementation. Reduces dependence on expert programmers.
Out-of-box support for edge-to-cloud integration Supports AWS, Azure, Oracle, M2X and moreSupports PLCs, OPC, Legacy Systems, LoRA, Sigfox, BLE and more Free to choose cloud platform that aligns with business interests. Avoid high cost of custom software and SI services
Edge Analytics Rich set of analytic building blocks. Stream processing with in-memory storage. Python stack integration Reduce data to cloud, support latency intolerant applications, run analytics when there is no/poor cloud connectivity
Supports Open Source Modules eRED is fully compatible with Node-RED modules Reduce cost of solution. Accelerate time to market

Platforms Supported
eRED Edge has a small footprint and can run on any Windows or Linux based platforms.  Footprint can be as small as  256MB RAM and 512MB of storage. eRED has been extensively tested on IoT Gateways (Dell), Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, Opto22’s Groov Industrial PC, Android and various popular linux distros.

Deployment Models
On-Prem Model:In this model eRED Controller and eRED Edge instances are deployed on customer premises. Edge instances are typically located near the assets in the OT network. Controller is located in the data center. It is possible to run eRED Edge instances on Windows Server, Linux VM, IoT Gateway or Industrial PCs. A single controller can manage multiple Edge instances.

Hybrid Model:In this model, eRED Controller is hosted in cloud (public or private) while Edge instances are deployed anywhere (customer premises or cloud). If deployed in customer premises, there is no need for opening enterprise firewall port, since all connections are initiated by Edge instances in out bound direction.