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Why Vision AI?

A vision sensor provides a lot more insightful information in the IoT world than a hardwired sensor network and at a lower TCO. Vision AI aka machine (computer) vision, is a field of computer science that trains computers to replicate human visual perception and inference from visual data. By adopting Vision AI-powered solutions, industries can benefit by streamlining, scaling, and automating their inspection and monitoring processes. With contactless sensing vision AI further enables non-destructive measurements and digitalization of hard-to-wire legacy systems

Building an Edge in your Business

Our technology is a Vision AI toolkit allowing businesses to reduce human involvement and exposure in various processes, thereby reducing fatigue-induced errors, enhancing scale, and improving the bottom line. These processes may include identifying defects in production, ensuring the safety of workers, or managing warehouse inventory and retail shelves. Our tools can recognize and react instantly to a change in the quality of the material entering a production process, detect a misassembly and prevent a defective product from shipping, and detect safety issues to avert the material impact.

Low-code Apps

Use visual flow-based programming with drag-and-drop application components

Packaged AI

Leverage pre-trained, pre-built, and performant AI components

Edge workloads

Optimize and scale solutions, and secure data by deploying edge-processing workloads

App management

Use cloud-hosted tools for flow design, application administration and orchestration


Personal Safety

People are the most valuable assets for any business, but often, personal safety takes a back seat resulting in preventable accidents and deaths. Vision AI is increasingly applied to monitor safety practices using PPE such as headgear, hand gloves, goggles, and work boots in construction, manufacturing, and warehouse. Geofencing and fall detection are critical needs of senior care facilities, wherein routine monitoring by the staff is neither practical nor affordable. Sayantek's eRED software makes it easy to utilize deep learning AI components for safety monitoring solutions that detect non-compliant practices and hazardous situations.

Improving ROI in Retail

Retail is a cut-throat competitive business, and retailers are always looking for ways to improve shelf efficiency and store profitability. Shifting shopper's preferences also means retailers need to react quickly and adapt. Sayantek's eRED AI toolkit can provide retailers footfall analysis-based insights for reducing shrink, keeping track of on-the-spot inventory, and improving planograms. It enables the incremental rollout of bespoke solutions, improving ROI in the retail business.

Food Safety and Quality Inspection

The US economy's annual estimated cost of food safety incidents is $7B, which comes from notifying consumers, removing food from shelves, and lawsuits. Current food inspection is visual and done by humans, where automation is not standard. Food spoilage, product irregularities, and packaging defects can be identified during production using vision AI-based technology, improving food quality and safety. Sayantek's eRED enables AI-based monitoring and automated inspections that prevent safety incidents and protect businesses from unpredictable losses.

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