Build a smart edge

Gain an advantage with AI-driven inspection, monitoring, and digitization solutions that are highly customizable to your operations

Building an Edge in your Business

We offer an AI toolkit that allows businesses to reduce human involvement and exposure in various processes, thereby preventing fatigue-induced errors, enhancing scale, and improving the bottom line. These processes may include identifying defects in production, ensuring the safety of workers, or managing inventory. Our tools can recognize and react immediately to a change in the quality of the material entering a production process, detect a misassembly to prevent defective product dispatch, or detect safety issues early to avert an adverse impact.

Our Offering

Sayantek offers eRED, a low-code application platform (LCAP) developed with patent-pending DDF (distributed dataflow) technology for building software applications capable of distributed processing. By combining visual flow-based programming, secure networking, and edge computing, eRED enables the democratization of AI -- SMEs of varying IT skills are empowered to create AI and IoT solutions in optimal adaptation to their operational workflows. Pre-built and packaged application components further simplify the task of developing end-to-end solutions.

Low-code Apps

Use visual flow-based programming with drag-and-drop application components

Packaged AI

Leverage pre-trained, pre-built, and performant AI components

Edge workloads

Optimize and scale solutions, and secure data by deploying edge-processing workloads

App management

Use cloud-hosted tools for administration, flow design, and orchestration


Build bespoke solutions with low-code tools

  • Data flow-based app development with visual, web-based designer 
  • A rich palette of drag-and-drop components for complete application stack
  • Python and nodeJS scripting for advanced users
  • Achieve 20x productivity gain in building end-to-end applications

Drag-and-drop integration with Vision AI components

  • Leverage pre-built AI components packaged with pre-trained and proven deep-learning models
  • Choose the models optimized for edge hardware such as GPU, TPU, and CNN accelerator ASICs
  • Build custom AI components with an open framework


Distribute and deploy workloads to edge and cloud

  • Powered by patent-pending distributed dataflow (DDF) technology
  • Optimize and scale solutions by distributing workloads to edge nodes
  • Detect and handle business-critical events in real-time with Edge AI
  • Agile deployment capability accelerates proto to the production cycle

Design, orchestrate and manage apps from cloud

  • Integrated web UI for app development, administration, and management.
  • Cloud-hosted controller for orchestration of distributed application workloads.
  • Role-based user profiles for managing complete application life-cycle spanning design, prototype, deployment, and sustenance.

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