Autonomous Operation and Asset Monitoring (Oil & Gas)

Oil & Gas has several distributed assets in field that are remotely connected to the central operations by cellular. Often the connectivity has a low bandwidth and unreliable.

The requirement for an edge solution that can meet unique needs of edge can be summarized as follows :
• Local Processing at edge : This requires a strong edge compute capable device at each remote site and analytics at the edge.
• Storage at edge: Store critical data and back up to cloud when connectivity is available
• Optimization of Bandwidth: Edge analytics can help conserve bandwidth by filtering out repetitive data and pushing only critical data upstream towards cloud or datacenter.
• Autonomous Operation and Proactive maintenance: Systems on the edge can be designed to respond to detect and respond to any anomaly.

Using eRED Edge, operators can build an effective first response system that can ensure a safe operation of the assets. Edge system can therefore diagnose and partially self- correct before manual intervention. This is critical for ONG assets that operate in harsh weather conditions where 24×7 operations is essential but critical resources are not readily available.


A system for autonomous operation has three components:

  • Assets in each site has an eRED Edge instance that monitors the operation, and is capable of edge analytics to process data with local storage. Autonomous operation is an application specific to each asset, that responds to any change in condition by intelligently configuring of machines and issues appropriate alerts for follow up action.
  • Data center hosts an instance of eRED Controller, that centrally manages applications across distributes instances of eRED Edge. The data from the assets are archived on a per asset and per customer basis. Some of the advanced applications like autonomous operation may require to continuously update the applications to add new operational self-healing heuristics.
  • Operation head-quarter access eRED Controller, dashboards and critical insights gained from analytics. All the tags across field assets are visible here, so the assets can be commanded remotely via the tags.