Connected Transport

The use cases within connected transportation and logistics require monitoring shipment within a carrier like a truck, or monitoring temperature within a refrigerated crate as the produce is transported and stored. Another important and emerging use case is monitoring of public transport networks like rail-roads, trains, and buses to ensure passenger safety and a simplified maintenance of a large, distributed infrastructure.


A common thread across all these use cases is that they require aggregation of data from field assets distributed across a wide area of 10 miles or more. This can be accomplished by use of established wireless standards like LTE-M, LoRa, Sigfox or NB-IoT with a gateway in a field or within enterprise to aggregate the data.

eRED Edge running on each of the gateways along with a central controller in a public or private cloud can be used to deploy use case or customer specific data aggregation service and be able to provision end devices from cloud. The edge gateway can be used also to manage over-the-air firmware update or upgrade of the end nodes.
We are seeing the emergence of vendors that offer specialized services like archiving data for transportation, and logistics segment. eRED Edge helps customize the data in SaaS vendor or in Asset Cloud to suit the needs of cloud applications. The data can be transported to IoT cloud directly via built-in plugins. With eRED it is easy to create REST APIs for the custom functions, that can be integrated with any web application in cloud or on-prem. eRED also makes it easy to interact with Mqtt, and WebSocket.